First video

Here is how this tonic is going to help you

  • ✅Handmade herbal tonic contains herbs which head lice HATES! So, they become weaker and weaker, eventually dying. When you wash the tonic, the head lice are washed away! Even those small baby lice and dead!  


  • ✅The tonic works to remove the glue between the nits and the hairs so, removing both head lice and nits completely from the hairs


  • ✅Pure coconut oils and organic herbs cause or damage, dryness to the hairs. 


  • The dropper on the bottle makes it easier to apply. Just run the bottle on the scalp and DONE! Doesn't it take less than 5 min?


  • ✅Quantity: 30 ml




  1. Detangle your hairs 
  2. ​Make small sections and slide the dropper on the scalp. Do this all over the scalp in small sections. Apply on the scalp only not on the lengths.
  3. ​Massage gently.
  4. ​Let it sit overnight (8-12 hours).  
  5. ​Apply 2-3 times a week only until all lice and nits are gone.  
  6. ​Use this tonic whenever you notice lice or nits in the hair.(maybe caught from other people).